Sunday, April 5, 2009

Growth Mindset

I watched this video and was actually pleased to learn about the two studies. Two studies were performed on groups of students. One group took study skills classes and a motivational class on growth mindset. Another group took just strictly study skills. There was a significant difference. The students who took the motivational class along with the study skills, their grades rebounded tremendously. The group of students who just took the study skills classes, their grades continued to decline. Why? They just weren't motivated to put the skills into play.

Growth mindset is the mind set where you want to continue to learn. You realize that the more you learn, the more intelligent you become. People in this mindset walk around curious to learn. Those who do not feel this way, wall around wanting to feel smart. They are almost self conscious about wanting to look and be perceived as being smart. They just don't realize that you have to steadily learn to achieve intelligence. Growth mindset is vital. You can't keep up with the changing world around us if you are not willing to keep learning and growing in intelligence.

I feel as though this study was very important. I feel that as educators we need to motivate our students to have a growth mindset. If we don't motivate them, then why would they ever consider being excited to learn something new if they already go into the lesson feeling as if they couldn't possibly grasp the concepts. We have to motivate our students to continue to want to learn and be a part of the changing world. It relates to technology tremendously! When computers first came on the scene, no one knew how to use them. There were those of us who dove right in and were excited and willing to learn the new educational lessons of the computer. Then there were those who just felt as if they could not learn them. They were not motivated to.

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