Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, I admit, I haven't been that focused on learning about Twitter. I have looked up a few things and even listened to a few comments on the radio regarding the social network, all for private uses though. I also admit that I haven't been that keen on trying to navigate or master Twitter itself. I have however, thought about ways that Twitter could be used in the classroom and both the negative and positive aspects of it.

First let me discuss what I have researched and been interested in finding out about Twitter. I have become curious about the limelight that Twitter has created around itself. I have come to find that Hollywood celebrities are majorly addicted and pro Twitter. I have become curious to find out which celebrities have Twitter accounts and how they use them to contact the outside world (the fan base). I have read about articles regarding the celebrity profiles as well as seen news segments and listened to radio conversations.

I myself have not become that interested in Twitter. I get kind of board just telling people what I am up to. I know that you don't have to just specifically answer that question, but I just need a little bit more of a personal touch and a little more freedom with what I want to say. I hate being restricted to a certain amount of characters and a certain amount of lead way when it comes to my own personal thoughts and creativity.

I have however thought of Twitter in the school systems both negatively and positively. I feel as though Twitter could be a great resource as sort of an online agenda. Assignments could be posted as well as changed and updated. Teachers could keep personal tabs and communications open and accessible with their students. They kind of get a look into what it is that their students might actually be doing.....studying, homework, eating dinner, at ball or dance practice.....

Negatively I feel as though not all students could have access to the computer at home, or that they would even check and access their Twitter accounts religiously. That could cause the lines of communication to become broken and let down. I feel as though teachers and students would have to feel comfortable using Twitter as their main source for assignments and communication.

In conclusion, I feel as though Twitter is just another social network. I feel as though it does limit the creative and thought provoking thoughts to which one can have and share. I feel as though their are both positive and negative affects that Twitter could create in the school systems, it is just how you administer them that makes all the difference.

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