Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blogging in the Classroom

By examining my own and another classmates blog, I have realized that blogging in the classroom can be a great teaching tool. It can have fantastic advantages for teachers and students. There are many things that blogs can be used for, a syllabus, a posting for classroom assignments, an update for classroom assignments, and instructional source for students, even a classroom away from the classroom for those students whom are not present. I will discuss all of these options in a little more detail.

First, a syllabus and posting for classroom assignments. The blogs could be used as an electronic or technological syllabus. Teachers could post class schedules, calendars, events, etc on the blog for all of the students or parents to view. The blog could also provide instructions for assignments and due dates. Students would also be able to post there questions about the assignments or events to each section of the class/teacher blog.

Second, an update for classroom assignments. Students will be able to follow all the assignments posted from the teacher. The teacher may make a change to the assignments or cancel, or even add assignments to the blog. Students would be able to become updated on these changes or cancellations by just checking the class/teacher blog.

Third, Teachers could provide instructional information on the class/teacher blog. Students will be able to view videos of how to complete tasks, research videos from other classes or teachers, and even make videos of their own to instruct the other fellow students. Teachers could post instructions for assignments step by step on the class/teacher blog for all students to see in case they did not understand, lost their hard copy of the assignment instructions, or even were absent. Which brings me to the fourth way blogging could be used.

Fourth, Students will be able to view the class/teacher blog, as well as the fellow students' blogs and basically find out what it is they missed in class in the case that they were absent. Students could look on the blogs and find out assignments that are due or were assigned. Instructions for the assignments would possible be available with even a video in some cases. Also, students could contribute to classroom discussions or questioning on the blog.

There are tons more ways that blogging could be used in the classroom but I feel that these were the most valuable and basic ways. Blogging in the classroom is a must in today's technology crazed world, especially when it comes to education.

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