Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Reaction to Fischbowl Movie

Wow! That presentation was absolutely insane. It completely blew my mind. It made me think about all of the actual facts that were stated, such as, how many hours today's 21 year old kids have watched TV, played video game, or even talked on the telephone. I was majorly blown away by some of the facts that were discussed. Example, how 100 percent of that country spoke the English language and that 75 percent of 4 year old have already used a computer! Excuse me, that just crazy!!!
The only thing that I wish was different about the movie was that it would be set with new information. It was dated to 2006 and I wish we would have been able to see the information differences if the movie/presentation would of been set in the year of 2008. I feel that probably the information data that was given would of most likely increased within the past 2 years. I absolutely learned a lot from this presentation and I wish everyone everywhere, had a chance to be exposed to this knowledge.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


ACCESS is known as, Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide. This program allows students in high school level to take courses online that otherwise they may not be offered to take at their school. It also allows students the opportunity to gain college credits while still at the high school level. Therefore; giving students the opportunity to "jump start" their paths on a college education.


ALEX stands for The Alabama Learning Exchange and this is a website that is provided for teachers. I feel that ALEX is a great tool for teachers because it allows them to be able to get tips on teaching specific grades or subjects. It also provides teachers the opportunity to become familiar with lesson plans. Lesson plans are provided by grade and subject as well therefore; teachers are given examples to work with when planning their own lesson plans for their specific class. This website program is a great opportunity for first year teachers especially.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blog Assignment 1....Hey yall!!

Hey my name is Johnie Alison Aughtman and I am from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I Love to dance...I teach dance at Dance Revolution in Ocean Springs. My students range from ages 3 to 15 and I teach everything from ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz, pom, field, and hip hop! (hip hop is my favorite though). I Love kids, I love spending time with kids and teaching them and watching them grow and develop mentally. My major is elementary education and I plan to graduate in the year of 2010. I love to go to the beach!! The beach is my sanctuary. I am a true southern girl at heart but i have lived in basically every region of the U.S. , from the south to the west, east, and north. I am in a relationship with my one true love whom I one day hope to marry and his name is Brandon. I am a pretty down to earth person and I am extremely easy to get along with. If anyone ever needs anything I always try to lend a helping hand. God and I have a special relationship and I talk to him through my dancing. My parents are in the casino business and recently moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am at the University of South Alabama because I have always wanted to go here and I was originally born in Mobile, Alabama so all of my family lives in Alabama with the exception of my parents. Thanks and bye y'all! P.S, I LOVE Hollywood and old movies and movie stars!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Johnie Aughtman

Welcome to my blog page...My name is Johnie Aughtman and I hope you enjoy!!