Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blog Assignment 1....Hey yall!!

Hey my name is Johnie Alison Aughtman and I am from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I Love to dance...I teach dance at Dance Revolution in Ocean Springs. My students range from ages 3 to 15 and I teach everything from ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz, pom, field, and hip hop! (hip hop is my favorite though). I Love kids, I love spending time with kids and teaching them and watching them grow and develop mentally. My major is elementary education and I plan to graduate in the year of 2010. I love to go to the beach!! The beach is my sanctuary. I am a true southern girl at heart but i have lived in basically every region of the U.S. , from the south to the west, east, and north. I am in a relationship with my one true love whom I one day hope to marry and his name is Brandon. I am a pretty down to earth person and I am extremely easy to get along with. If anyone ever needs anything I always try to lend a helping hand. God and I have a special relationship and I talk to him through my dancing. My parents are in the casino business and recently moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am at the University of South Alabama because I have always wanted to go here and I was originally born in Mobile, Alabama so all of my family lives in Alabama with the exception of my parents. Thanks and bye y'all! P.S, I LOVE Hollywood and old movies and movie stars!!!!

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  1. Wow! This is very interesting. I love dance but I'm not a very good dancer. LOL. I probably need to be in one of your classes(with the 3 years olds of course! & I bet I would love it). Thanks for the comment.