Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reviewing Podcasts

I just finished reviewing four pod casts including my own. I feel as though the class did a phenomenal job considering we had never even attempted to create a podcast before. Now, on with the critiques.....

I will start with my own podcast. I feel as though the conversation was kind of monotoned and overly rehearsed considering we barely even practiced. However, we did interview Dr. Harold Dodge and there is only so much you can achieve with an interview in a time limit kind of setting. Now, me being my own worst critic, I could not stand the fact that I stumbled over one of my words, it is bothering me as I speak!!!

Now for the first victim (lol). I listened to the podcast about facebook. I feel as though that group did an outstanding job. They were very entertaining and conversational. However, it got kind of hard to know who was saying what at some points in the conversations. I feel as though that might be due to the fact that their group was over the group limit of how many people were suppose to be in a group in the first place. I did hear moments where people in the group tended to talk over what other people were saying and it got a little confusing. All together though, they did entertain and discussed their topic quite affectively.

I also listened to the shift happens group. I feel as though they did a wonderful job as well. They discussed their topic well and kept the conversation going. The podcast did tend to go up and down in voice levels. At times, some things were hard to hear, especially from one particular group member. I feel as though they just needed to speak more clearly and loudly.

Lastly, I listened to the group that interviewed Dr. John Strange. I feel as though that group did a fantastic job in their podcast especially since they had to interview or talk to our class professor. I feel as though the topic of the podcast was a broad one and that the group discussion kind of drifted away from the assigned topic and started to focus on one particular part of the topic. I also feel as though two people dominated the conversation the whole time and that it was hard for the other group members to voice their opinions or even finish the interview questions that they had intended on asking due to the time limit at hand. Overall, they did a great job considering it was the first podcast they had ever been remotely involved in.

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