Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video Podcasts

I watched, A Night in the Coral Reef. The podcast video was about life in the coral reef at night. It was a very short video but gave tons of great information. It told about the ecosystem and how thousands of species reside in the reef like a city. It explained how the species protect themselves, feed themselves, and even what and how they eat. The video produced real life images of the reef and its many inhabitants.
I absolutely love the fact that these kinds of videos are able to be accessed from itunes. This is so helpful to the students' education and the teachers' resources for education. I like how the video was short and sweet but it also gave tons of useful information. It also was very interesting because it showed real life scenes from actual life.
I will use these kinds of videos almost daily when I teach. If I am hitting on a certain lesson or topic for example, I could very easily pull up one of these videos and show it to my students. The video was free and easy to access so therefore I could have my students watch these for certain assignments as well. These videos will be of great use to me.


  1. I am glad that you watched this videa because I was going to and decided on another one. I was actually able to see what it was about without even watching it. Thanks!

  2. I thought that this was a very good video also I watched it. I was glad that someone else enjoyed that video.