Sunday, March 8, 2009

About iTunes University

Apple states that iTunes U, works for colleges, universities, and any other type of educational organization. Users become able to search or download educational content from iTunes University. This website is available if you click here. The iTunes University can access all of these from basically any type of media technology. There are over 100,000 educational audio files and video files from the Unites States' top universities, museums, and other educational organizations around the world. And that figure is rapidly growing on a daily basis. There is an instructional and educational video that tells about iTunes University and it is available for you if you just click here.

I feel that the iTunes University is a great tool for students and teachers. Basically anything you could want to learn about education wise is available at your fingertips. Pod casts, instructional videos, informational media, etc, all of it is made available to everyone. All you have to do as a teacher or a student is download it. You can even share it with a classroom or any other type of audience.....It is quick, easy, and educational.

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  1. I love how u have links to where someone can just "click here" and it'll take you to the website. Great idea!