Sunday, February 8, 2009


The first podcast I listened to was, Smart Board Lessons. Teachers from Naperville Central High School in Naperville, IL, discuss the benefits of using smart boards in the classroom. They list things such as, they are seamless, meaning they provide all types of multimedia pieces in only one piece of technology which in turn, provides the instructor and lesson with a lot of more time. Lesson archives are mentioned, stating that the smart boards provide memories of all lessons so that nothing is lost. That feature goes along with the next feature of being able to provide PDFs for students. If a student is absent then the instructor can PDF a lesson for a student so that they may still have access to the lesson that was taught. The smart boards also provide means of pod casting and classroom interaction with both the teacher and the students.

The next podcast I listened to was Kid cast. Dan Schmit hosted this sort of radio broadcast and discussed learning and teaching with pod casting. He talks about how he was shocked to discover that there were not as many student created pod casting content "out there" as he expected. He goes on to state that the content he did discover was mediocre and was just done for a project in which students were asked to create a podcast. He also provides his opinions and thoughts on technology and its applications.

The next podcast I exposed myself to was Mac break weekly. Alex Lindsey was one of the guests featured on this radio like production and he discussed computer companies such as Apple and the Apple phones. They provided news like commentary on their own opinions of certain technologies that are out in society today and what their dislikes and likes were.

Edtechtalk was another podcast I listened to and they discussed mainly Bill Gates recent presentation. Zen presentation was also discussed as well as 10 things you should know about face book privacy. In my opinion, the face book topic was a lot more well thought out and organized when broad casted over the podcast, because, when they discussed the Bill Gates presentation, it was more of their opinions and scatter brained thoughts.

I also listened to this week in photography podcast which was my least favorite. They talked about HDR pictures from what I could gather. The hosts on the show were saying things that were just way over my head and hard to grasp the concept of. I felt like they did not do well at relaying information to those listeners whom do not know what they were talking about. For example, it was more like doctors trying to talk to dogs, thinking that they were still talking to other doctors. They went on to discuss their personal opinions about HDR and photo rescue software.

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