Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is it okay to be a technology illiterate teacher reveiw

I completely and 100 % agree with these statements. I feel as though all teachers should have some sort of knowledge of how to use technology and how to teach technology. As the blog stated, " teachers should have a basic level of technological capability." In this day and age, the whole entire world revolves around technology in some form or another. Just imagine what our students will be encountering in the future when it comes to technology or better yet, imagine what our students children will be encountering in the future when it comes to technology. I also agree that the " I am just not good with computers or the old generation is not good with computers excuses needs to be thrown to the fish. Like the post goes on to state, (in paraphrasing), "personal computers have been made available for over 30 years now. " Computers are no longer like foreigners in the country anymore or a brand new invention. People who are so called not good with computers still, need to learn them and learn them quick and stop using excuses.

The blog also goes on to state that in order to teach it we have to do it, and this is right too. If we as teachers don't understand technology and how it is used or how it works, how can we expect our students to? Especially when we (the illiterate technology teachers), are the ones struggling to teach it to them. I feel as though we as a teaching society need to step our game up and get with the program, literally. We need to become extremely accustomed to the new day and age of technology because if we don't, then "they", have the right to pass us up as future educators.

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