Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peers Podcasts

The first pod cast I listened to was from a group of girls last fall semester of 2008. The title was, The Last Lecture of Randy Pausch: It's time for talk: Conversations with future teachers. Two students by the names of Kelsy and Crystal were the personalities featured on this podcast and I do have some critiques. I feel that it sounded like the girls were reading directly off of a script and that the broadcast did not obtain a natural feel to it. I also feel that one of the girls could have practiced their lines a little more due to the fact that she was "tripping" over her words and pausing a lot!

On a positive note, I feel that the two girls picked a great topic that gave them a lot of information to work with. They had a lot to talk about or "read" about. They used their time fully and effectively in order to discuss the life and lecture of Randy Pausch, the late professor. For the first pod cast the girls were featured on, they did a pretty adequate job.

The second pod cast I listened to was, My Classes Here at South: How is Technology used in them. In this podcast, the two personalities were Jill and Matt. I felt that this podcast was very well done. I felt that the two students hit on a lot of different, good, and accurate information concerning their topic. They focused on online classes, clickers, blogs, and etc. They filled their time well with very useful information.

They started off a little nervous it seemed like but they both remained very conversational with each other. Especially when compared to the first pod cast I listened to. They worked well together and seemed to vibe off of each other. It didn't seem like they overly practiced or that they read off of a script, they just became comfortable with their topic and each other and went from their. I hope to model this behavior when conducting my own pod cast in class coming up in the near future.

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